Fiction Essay Useful Resources

Hey #lee1002 and #leeonline, because I know it’s not always convenient to log into Blackboard, here a list of some useful resources you might be looking for while working on your Fiction Essay assignment.


Assignment Resources:

Writing Prompt and downloadable PDF Assignment Sheet:  In a third-person essay, use one of the assigned short stories as a primary source and one scholarly secondary source from a Gale database to answer one of the following prompts:

  1. Analyze what a character could represent/symbolize in society, using both primary and secondary source support.
  2. Argue against the interpretation of your secondary source, using primary source support to back up your claims.
  3. Use a character analysis to argue the author’s social meaning or central theme of the piece.

Planning Resources

Guided Freewrite Exercise
Primary versus Secondary Source explanation
How to Summarize a Short Story’s Plot

Citation Resources

IVCC Style Book Overview of MLA Style
Helpful Research Hints
MLA Citation Basics
Works Cited Page Information

Grading Resources

IVCC English Department Grading Standards
Grading Criteria Rubric for Writing Assignments

Library Links

Remember that you’ll need to log in if you’re not using a campus computer. When you reach the log in screen, you’ll enter 24611 + your student number + 01, and then enter your last name. The approved Gale links you should start with:

If you’re using a topic that is more social science than literature, try these two sites (sources must get special permission to be used):