Narrative Illustration Essay

While finalizing your Essay 1 assignments over the long President’s Day weekend, #lee0900, here are what should be the most useful resources all in one non-Blackboard place:

Assignment Resources:

Writing Prompt and downloadable assignment sheet: write a 5-paragraph narrative illustration essay that defines your personal “musical nostalgia.” Use the following topics and order options for the body paragraphs:

  • Body paragraph 1: illustrates and describes the music.
  • Body paragraph 2: illustrates a vivid memory about the music.
  • Body paragraph 3: describes 1-2 favorite songs.
  • Body paragraph 2 & 3 topics can be swapped if necessary.

SPRING 2017 Deadline

  • Rough Draft due Wed. Feb. 15
  • Final Draft due Wed. Feb. 22 (typed/printed & uploaded)

Grammar and Writing Resources

General Grammar Resource
Comma Resource: Sentence Punctuation Patterns
Quick Comma Guide
General Punctuation Resource
Transitional Words and Phrases
Thesaurus for word choice variety
Related Textbook chapters:

  • “Elements of a Sentence” S-1 pg. 252
  • “Sentence Fragments” S-2 pg. 255
  • “Commas” P-1 pg. 324
  • “Semicolons” P-2 pg. 330


Grading Resources & Expectations

IVCC English Department Grading Standards
Grading Criteria Rubric for Writing Assignments