Building an MLA Works Cited Page

Here is a list of core elements required in the eight edition MLA style guidelines (from the IVCC Stylebook) as well citation resource links, citation generation links, and a sample works cited page.

Core Elements of Work Cited Entries 

Click the name of the core element for more information on it.
1.    Author.
2.    Title of source.
3.    Title of container,
4.    Other contributors,
5.    Version,
6.    Number,
7.    Publisher,
8.    Publication date,
9.    Location.

Sample Works Cited Page, from IVCC Stylebook

MLA Works Cited Page Resources

IVCC Stylebook Works Cited Page link, includes examples and links to core elements
Jacob’s Library citation page

Purdue OWL Writing Lab Works Cited page
IVCC MLA 8th Edition PowerPoint

Citation Generation Tools