Poetry Essay Useful Resources

The Poetry Essay assignment sheet is available on Blackboard, and resources, expectations and library links are also available in our course shell. However, here is a list of some useful resources all in one place.

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Assignment Resources:

Writing Prompt and downloadable Assignment SheetUsing one or two poems from the textbook or from the PoetryFoundation.org archive, explain how the themes, content, characters, or language of the poem represent a social issue. Social issues can be as small as an individual’s self-esteem or as large as racial/gender/identity inequality. Support your observations with citation from the poem(s), one scholarly library database article, and one reputable Internet article.

  • Minimum 4 full pages and a maximum of 5 full pages
  • Minimum of 5 paragraphs with introduction, 3+ body paragraphs, and a conclusion.
  • Focus on analysis and not summary.
  • Properly introduce your poem and its author in your introduction paragraph.
  • Restate poem and author in your conclusion.  
Thesis & Support
  • Support your observations with citation from the poem(s), one scholarly library database article, and one reputable Internet article.
  • Use a maximum of three secondary sources.
  • Use a minimum of 3 citations from your primary source (the poem).
  • Use a minimum of 2 citations from scholarly library database article(s).
  • Use a minimum of 2 citations from reputable Internet source article(s).
  • Minimum of 1 direct quote AND 1 paraphrase citation per body paragraph.  
  • Write in third-person (I don’t exclude plural first-person we/our/us).
  • Write in present tense.
  • Use formal voice and proper grammar.  
Source Documentation & MLA Style

Link to IVCC English Department Grading Criteria

**Download attached assignment sheet and refer to related PowerPoints for complete assignment expectations.**

Summer 2017 Deadline

  • Rough Draft due to group page by noon Tues. July 18
  • Rough Draft comments posted by 11:59 PM Wed. July 19
  • Final Draft due 11:59 PM Sun. July 23

Citation Resources

IVCC Style Book Overview of MLA Style

Helpful Research Hints

Direct Quotation Citation example and Paraphrase/Summary Citation example

MLA Citation BasicsWorks Cited Page Information

Grading Resources

IVCC English Department Grading Standards

Grading Criteria Rubric for Writing Assignments

Online course ENG 1002 Peer Review Rubric

Library & Reputable Internet Sources Links

Remember that you’ll need to use one library database article and one reputable Internet article for your assignment. You’ll find a list of reputable Internet sources in the the “Resources” link on Blackboard and here’s a link to help you choose credible sourcesHere are the most commonly used library database resources:

Remember that you’ll need to log into the library site if you’re not using a campus computer. When you reach the log in screen, you’ll enter 24611 + your purple student number + 01, and then enter your last name.