Failing Essays: ENG 1002

Well, if you’re reading this, it’s very likely you just received on F on one of my ENG 1002 formal essays. Know that it’s not thrilling to give an essay an F, and I’m well aware that it’s even more upsetting to receive one. Because an F on a formal essay makes passing my ENG 1002 course impossible for that semester, I am willing to work with students who are willing to make the effort to rework F-level essays. However, this is a one-time opportunity that can not be repeated by the same student.

Here are my expectations and guidelines for rewriting an essay that originally received an F:

STEP 1: You must contact me within a week of receiving your F to let me know you plan to rewrite the essay. If you turn in a rewrite without contacting me ahead of time, I will not correct it. 

STEP 2: Visit the Writing Center with your assignment sheet and turn in the writing center slip with your rewritten essay. Online students can utilize the Writing Center via these guidelines but must complete this expectation either in person or virtually.

STEP 3: Turn in both the original F essay and your rewritten essay by the date we determine together during STEP 1. Online students will simply upload the “replacement” essay to the same assignment link and notify me of its submission. 

STEP 4: Upload the rewritten essay to the original essay’s assignment link.

Part of the reason I allow students to rewrite an F paper is because I understand and appreciate that it’s not often done just because students are trying to get away with something or simply misunderstood the assignment expectations. Often, an F paper results from a lack of time-management, life circumstances, or a concern about asking for help. I hope that the opportunity to experience what it takes to improve your writing process and see the difference between the first process and the second process, will allow students to learn from the situation WITHOUT it putting them an entire semester behind.