Key to Common Grading Feedback

Here’s a list of my commonly used ENG 1002 grading phrases and what they mean; those in blue are writing related and those in pink are citation/documentation or argument related. While grading ENG 1002 essays, I usually point out grammar and mechanics mistakes/errors without providing a suggested correction. I do this BECAUSE students are then presented with a basic question: what is wrong here and what do I know about grammar/style that could correct it? Answering the question yourself or seeking help will promote learning more thoroughly than being given the answer. Additionally, this provides a more useful rewrite process for those who decide to turn in a rewritten essay.

Explain more / add more depth: isolates a section of the essay that could use a few more sentences that describe your point, citation’s context, or the connection that you’re making. Often appears near the end of body paragraphs.

Phrasing: the sentence phrasing in this highlighted/underlined area is confusing, awkward, or unclear.

Present Tense / Use Present: highlighting moments in the essay where the student does not use present tense to discuss the event of the story/poem. Unless pointing out a sequence of events or using the perfect tense, discussion of literature is done in the present tense.

Proofing: points out a typo, a missing word, a repeated word, or spelling error.

Punctuation: the circled or referenced punctuation is incorrect.

Signal Phrase: citation or paraphrase/summary isn’t attached to or introduced with a signal phrase.

Singular / Plural: the underlined words are not using subject/verb or pronoun/antecedent agreements.

Word Choice / WC: the word circled/highlighted doesn’t fit the context of the sentence or is the incorrect preposition.

Word Form: most often points out the wrong verb or pronoun form/tense; incorrect use of plural versus possessive; use of dangling modifiers, or incorrect homonym/homophone.

WCP: Works Cited Page.

However, if you choose to rewrite an essay or are replacing a failed essay, please do not rely solely on my comments and feedback; I don’t point out each and every grammatical or mechanical mistake but those that show up “the first time,” most often, and/or appear to be distracting from your sentence/argument meaning the most.