Essay Rewrites: ENG 0900

Students in ENG 0900 are able to rewrite two essays each semester and must choose to do so within a week of the essay being returned with feedback. When an essay is rewritten, I will average the two grades together to determine the new, replacement grade.

I am willing to work with students who are willing to make the effort to rework essays that earned a lower grade than expected for whatever reason; however, should not only include grammar or spelling updates but also improved sentence phrasing, clearer transitions between thoughts/paragraphs, and better argument organization.

Here are my expectations and guidelines for turning in an essay rewrite:

STEP 1: You must contact me within a week of receiving your grade/feedback to let me know you plan to rewrite the essay. If you turn in a rewrite without contacting me ahead of time, I will not correct it. 

STEP 2: Visit the Writing Center with your assignment sheet and original essay; include the writing center slip with your rewritten essay.

STEP 3: Turn in both the original essay and your rewritten essay by the date we determine together during STEP 1.

STEP 4: Upload the rewritten essay to the original essay’s assignment link.

It’s not often in the professional world that you are given a second chance, but this is an educational setting so I hope a second chance will provide student the chance to experience and reflect on the changes needed time-management, writing process, and use of student resources that result in a higher essay grade.