2017 Summer Teaching Schedule

I am currently scheduled to teach the following summer 2017 courses. 

ENG 1002-102 English Comp II – online

Summer Office Hours
by appointment only


Argumentation Essay

A list of the most useful Argumentation essay resources. And please note that this and the previous essay are worth more than the first two in the semester.

Assignment Resources:

Writing Prompt Option 1: Support a claim that answers whether social media is good or bad for our society.
Argument Expectations: You will choose the good side or the bad side, include one opposing viewpoint (refutation). Your essay will be a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 4 full pages.
Support: You will rely on 1-2 reputable Internet sources or personal interview to formulate your claim. Include a direct quote in each body paragraph.
Thesis is required to reference:

  • your main good or bad reasons
  • your opposing viewpoint (refutation)
Writing Prompt Option 2: Expose and argue the positive traits of a taboo or counterculture.
Argument Expectations: You will choose a counterculture or taboo, include one common negative perception (refutation). Your essay should be in third-person (allowing for plural first-person) and a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 4 full pages.
Support: You will rely on 1-2 reputable Internet sources or personal interview to formulate your claim. Include a direct quote in each body paragraph.
Thesis is required to reference:

  • 3-4 positive traits
  • common negative perception (refutation)

And don’t forget the expectations PowerPoint, the authoritative language PowerPoint, or that we discussed introduction and conclusion paragraph expectations in a PowerPoint a couple of essays ago. Be sure to check that you’ve included an opposing viewpoint paragraph; you’ll also want to verify that your introduction paragraphs for both parts:

PART 1: grounding/introductory information
PART 2: transition + thesis sentence.

Same with your conclusions:

PART 1: remind readers of your thesis points (body paragraph main points)
PART 2: show how those thesis points work together to prove your thesis.

SPRING 2017 Deadline

  • Rough Draft due Friday, April 28
  • Final Draft due Monday, May 1 (typed/printed & uploaded)

Works Cited Page Resources

Building a Works Cited page
Sample Works Cited page
NoodleTools login link is located on the IVCC Library under “Citing Sources” page

Grammar and Writing Resources

Parallel Sentence Structure
Verbs for References Sources
Pronoun Reference and Clarity
Absolute “Conclusion” Language
General Grammar Resource

Comma Resource: Sentence Punctuation Patterns
Quick Comma Guide
General Punctuation Resource
Transitional Words and Phrases
Thesaurus for word choice variety

Related Textbook chapters:

  • “Arguments,” pg. 43-47
  • “Words for Building Common Ground,” pg. 314-316

Grading Resources & Expectations

IVCC English Department Grading Standards
Grading Criteria Rubric for Writing Assignments

2017 Final Exam Schedule

Here’s a list of all my final exam times and locations for the 2017 Spring semester. I also have these posted in the “Syllabus and Calendar” link on each course’s Blackboard shell. And in case you’re interested, here’s IVCC’s full exam schedule page.

Class Day & Time – Course Name  – Exam Day Time/Location

MWF 8:00 AM – ENG 0900 – Wed. May 10 regular time/place

MWF 9:00 AM – ENG 0900 – Mon. May 8, regular time/place

TR 8:00 AM – ENG 1002 – Thurs. May 11 regular time/place

TR 11:00 AM – Creative Writing – 11:00-1:30 p.m., Tues. May 9, Fireplace Lounge (B216)

Online – ENG 1002-590 Online – Research Essay due Wed. May 10 by 11:59 p.m.

Transitional Language

Transitions and students don’t often get along well. And that’s because transitioning from paragraph to paragraph, from signal phrase to source/citation, or from one concept to the next is a bit of an art form that takes practice and planning. You just heard “blah blah blah” in your head, right? I know…

Here are a few transitional language resources that could help:

  1. My favorite link to transitional words or phrases.
  2. Another more complex list of transitional words broken up by category such as additive, causal, sequential, or contrasting.
  3. A thesaurus list of commonly used verbs to reference sources that can be used to transition between a signal phrase and a direct or paraphrase/summary citation. The dark orange list is the best.
  4. A one page, printable PDF of verbs used in MLA or APA signal phrases.

ENG 0900: resources for using sources

Here’s a list of useful resources while you plan and finalize the sources you want to use in your Argumentation essay.

Our library research guide that explain finding reputable Internet sources.

The WWWs_PowerPoint the librarian used during our first library session as well as a printable PDF version of the information.

And here is the WWW_Checklist we used to check the reputability of Internet sources.

Final Portfolio Survey

#leecw students, please take this survey about the Creative Writing class final portfolio.

This will help me decide if I want to change the expectations of the final portfolio and creative writing showcase for this or future classes. I am truly interested in knowing your feelings about a final portfolio and its value to you as a student; however, there is no guarantee that I will change anything this this semester.

Evening Creative Writing Workshop

Creative Writing Workshop. (4).png

I’m excited to announce that I’ve been given the “go-ahead” to teach an EVENING, blended creative writing workshop this fall, starting Aug. 16. An evening creative writing section hasn’t been offered in a while, and I’ve had a few people approach me about teaching it as a night class.

Blended Learning: often structured for students unable to attend traditional class times, blended classes are a blend of online and face-to-face learning.

What that means for this class is that we will meet once a week from 6:00-7:15 p.m. and the other half of the class will be hosted on IVCC’s learning management system, Blackboard–an easily navigable platform that allows for file exchange, online assignment submission, and online discussions.

I’m currently working on a syllabus so those interested have an idea of what the class will offer, but in the meantime, you can take a look at my spring 2017 syllabus and  calendar for an example of what the class covers; you can also check out my Creative Writing course page for an overview of assignments. I hope to see a lot of the community creative writers out there this fall!! Email or message me with any questions.