ENG 0900 Final Grades

Spring 2017 final semester grades on Blackboard now represents the letter grade I’ll officially give you in the course (unless we’ve discussed an Incomplete or you’re still making up a writing assignment). Please note the following:

  1. Your FINAL GRADE is your RUNNING GRADE with any necessary reductions for absences (see the policy on my syllabus). If you have grading questions or concern, email or message me by noon Monday, May 15.
  2. IVCC only offers A, B, C, and F as final grades for ENG 0900, so you will receive an A in the course for any percentage from 94-100, you will receive a B in the course for any percentage from 87-93 and you will receive a C for any percentage from 80-86; anything below an 80% requires me to give you an F in the course.
  3. If you have any questions or concerns about grades, please notify me on or before Monday, May 15 at noon so I have time to make any necessary changes before “officially” entering grades to WebAdvisor. If you contact me with grade concerns or mistakes after Monday at noon, I will still be able to change a grade “in the system” (assuming the concern is valid and not too late after the end of the semester) but it will take some time, which occasionally slows transfers to 4-year institutions or enrollment in spring/future classes.
  4. I plan to officially post grades to WebAdvisor the morning of Tues., May 16. You should be able to view them “in the system” within 24-28 hours of that time.
  5. Here’s how you can view your final grades for this and previous/future IVCC classes by logging into WebAdvisor.


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