Final Grades and Degree Progress

IVCC final semester grades, GPA and degree progress information is on WebAdvisor as well as information about any courses you’ve transfer here from other institutions. Many instructors use Blackboard throughout the semester to post, tally, and show student grade progress, but Blackboard is not available more than a few days after the semester ends.

When looking for current or past grades, here’s the process; and please note that it can take 24-48 hours for a grade to appear on WebAdvisor after an instructor has officially posted it.

Viewing final grades and GPA:

  • Go to and select WebAdvisor for Students.
  • Log in with your K-number and WebAdvisor password (it’s not your Blackboard password).
    • if you have never used WebAdvisor before, you’ll need to set up your account;
    • here’s the general FAQs page
    • go to the student help desk in the Learning Commons in D201 for one-on-one help.
  • Select the option “Grade Point Average by Term.”
    • sometimes it takes 24-28 hours after faculty post grades before they are available, so if you’re checking at the very end of the semester, you might have to check back a few times.
  • Enter the term for which you’d like to view grades.
  • This will provide the individual class grades, the semester GPA, the number of credits earned, and the number of grade points earned (used for GPA).
  • If a grade is not visible, it has not been entered or verified by the instructor.