Online ENG 1002 Final Grades

THANK YOU ALL for a great online semester (and for some of you, a great academic year). Even if we never got to meet in person, I enjoyed seeing your writing and analysis skills progress over the last few months. I hope to see you around campus in the fall, or next year, depending on your graduation schedule, please look me up and introduce yourself!!

Otherwise, I wish you all a great summer and a future filled with accomplishment. Here’s what to expect as far as grades and “official” final grades:

  1. I’ll be grading research papers through tomorrow afternoon, posting those and final grades as I go. You will also see that I’ve added a Blackboard grade column called FINAL GRADE. Once I finish correcting your research paper, I will put in the FINAL GRADE that will reflect the grade I will give you in the course.
  2. All FINAL GRADES should be posted to Blackboard by the close of day tomorrow, May 13. Email me if you have any questions or concerns.
  3. Remember, IVCC only has A, B, C, D, and F as final grades, so you will receive an A in the course for any “RUNNING GRADE” of an A or percentage from 90-100; you will receive a B in the course for any “RUNNING GRADE” of a B or percentage from 80-89 and so on. I will officially give you a letter, not a percentage.
  4. If you have any questions or concerns about grades, please notify me on or before noon, Monday, May 15, so I have time to make any necessary changes before officially posting grades to WebAdvisor. If you contact me with grade concerns or mistakes after May 15th, I will still be able to change a grade “in the system” (assuming the concern is valid and not too late after the end of the semester) but it will take some time, which occasionally slows transfers to 4-year institutions or enrollment in summer/fall/future classes.
  5. I plan to officially post grades the early morning of Tuesday, May 16.
  6. Here’s how you can view your final grades for this and previous/future IVCC classes by logging into WebAdvisor.