Works Cited Page for Research

This includes information for the Research Essay assignment in my ENG 1002 class, but can also serve as an example for my LIT 2013 class. First off, here’s the main page about “Creating Works Cited Entries” link from IVCC’s Stylebook, and here’s a sample Works Cited page. Note the hanging tab (that extra indented white space before the extra lines of each entry) and how all the entries are alphabetized. Here’s how to format a hanging tab.

Research Works Cited Page

Students are required to include 3-5 library database articles/sources, 2-4 reputable Internet sources, a there’s a list in the Blackboard resources folder but common ones include Slate Magazine, The Atlantic, The Guardian),  and up to 5 additional sources as needed.

The below examples DO NOT include hanging tab formatting (that’s a nightmare for a blog) and are categorized as library database, reputable Internet, and additional common types

Library Database Source:

Granger, Hermione. “Evil Stops With Good.” Magical Wisdom Medical Associationvol. 5 issue 6, 2009. pp. 882-98. Academic Search Complete, url. Accessed 22 Jan. 2017

Scully, William. “Grandson of CSM and Son of Spooky.” Issues & Controversies, 1999, url. Accessed 22 Jan. 2017

Reputable Internet Source:

Jasmine, Princess. “Because He Freed the Genie.” Slate Magazine, date last updated, url.

Of-the-Southern-Isles, Hans. “My Frozen Heart.” Poetry Foundation, date last updated, url.

Primary Source from textbook:

Pond, Amy. “Traveling Through the Multiverse.” Literature and the Writing Process, edited by Elizabeth McMann et al., 10th edition, Pearson, 2015. pp. xxx-xx.

Content from textbook’s cultural context:

McMann, Elizabeth et al., eds. Literature and the Writing Process, 10th edition, Pearson, 2015. pp. xxx-xx