Research Essay Library Resources

For most students, being tasked with a research essay is always a daunting and scary task. Research can be tricky if you’re new to the expectation, so please be sure to use the resources I’m providing and reach out for assistance when needed.

NOTE: students who use these resources spend much less time worrying about, generally freaking out about, or completely redoing research, even though the video feels like a time commitment. Every semester I read student reflections about their research essays that mention they should have spent more time using the provided resources; some of them even discover them a few days before the essay due date and end up reworking their entire paper as a result.

  1. Here is an interactive streaming video link to the library session that was recorded for our class and my research essay assignment. The video will provide instruction and direction for finding scholarly journal articles in the library’s databases–don’t forget you’re required to have 3-5 of these in your research essay.
  2. And here is a link to our course’s library guide with resources, links, and content tailored to my research essay assignment and past student feedback.
  3. Don’t be a stranger if you have any questions while researching and planning your essays. I’m also including this link to the IVCC Jacobs Library contact page: you can live chat, text, or call librarians during business hours with any research or database questions:

And, don’t forget there is a post about Accessing IVCC LIbrary Databases from Home , a list of Commonly Used Library Databases, and a thrillingly daunting reminder about the Research Essay Grade policy.