MLA Resources

This list is for ENG 1001, ENG 1002, and ENG 0900 students. It’s a compilation of many of the MLA citation and documentation resources posts to my website. You can also search my website for things like “works cited page,” the name of your essay assignment (“poetry essay” for example), citation sandwich formatting, or something of the like to see what posts show.

Citation and Documentation Resources

ENG 1001: English Composition I Resources

Citation Sandwich Expectations (how to incorporate citation into your essay body paragraphs)

Direct Quote Citation Example

Example Paraphrase Citation

Works Cited Page

ENG 1002: English Composition II Resources

Primary vs. Secondary Sources Info

Citation Sandwich Expectations

General In-text Citation Info and Examples

Direct Quote Citation Example

Poetry Citation

Paraphrase/Summary Citation Examples

Works Cited Page Formatting (Fiction and Poetry Essays)

Works Cited Page for Research

ENG 0900: Basis Composition II Resources

Argumentation Essay Works Cite Page

Resources for Using Sources

MLA Style Document Formatting Resources

How to Format a Document with MLA Style

MLA Header vs. Heading

IVCC Stylebook MLA Overview

Sample First Page of an MLA Style Document