Research Essay Library Resources

Work on the research essay will be getting underway within the next few days for most of you and has already begun for a few of you who are working ahead due to summer obligations. Research can be tricky if you’re new to the expectation, so please be sure to use the resources I’m providing and reach out for assistance when needed.

NOTE: students who use these resources spend much less time worrying about, generally freaking out about, or completely redoing research, even though the video feels like a time commitment. Every semester I read student reflections about their research essays that mention they should have spent more time using the provided resources; some of them even discover them a few days before the essay due date and end up reworking their entire paper as a result.

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Citation Sandwich Expectations

This can be used as an example for the ENG 1002 essays. The “Citation Sandwich” PowerPoint provides this information as well. And while I’ll be specifically grading for citation sandwiches, sandwiching your evidence within your body paragraphs in the way I’ve outlined below will bring a couple key things to your academic writing:

  1. Academic Authority: providing appropriate signal phrases and explanation will show readers that you’re using credible and relevant sources that fit within the context of your argument.
  2. Organization: preparing readers for what is coming with a topic sentence, signal phrase, and helping them see the connections that you’ve just made with your citation examples and wrap-up sentences will help them understand the content that you’re providing them. It’s like a little mini 5-paragraph essay within your body paragraphs.
  3. Grading: while my grading expectations include citation sandwich formatting specifically, I’ve simply named a common grading expectation the “citation sandwich” to make things more clear for students. Additionally, most IVCC English instructors use the department grading guidelines that looks for strong organization, thesis, and support within student writing, something use of citation sandwiches will generally provide your essay.

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Writing About Literature

When writing a literary analysis, many students focus heavily on their chosen interpretation of the literary work(s), their unique thesis, and/or finding and using appropriate sources to support their arguments. And that is absolutely what they should be doing.

However, because those are big tasks and students are almost always taking at least one other course and working at the same time (some are even raising children, working full time, running businesses, or dealing with big family or personal health concerns), it’s very easy to overlook the tiny details that professors expect into a college-level literary essay. Here’s a quick list that will help you stay in the grade range your argument deserves rather than lose you points due to the “important small stuff.”

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ENG 1002 Online Course Rubrics

These rubrics are also available in our course Blackboard shell as well as embedded into assignment links. If you have questions about rubrics, my grading expectations, or have concerns about a grading mistake, please email, message, or visit my office hours.

Please bring grading concerns to my attention as soon as possible.

English Comp. II Online Course Rubrics

Discussion Board (DB) Response and Participation Rubric

Journal Response Rubric

Peer Review Process Rubric


In-text Citation Example

This can be used as a general in-text citation example for a direct quote. But don’t forget that every citation needs to be properly incorporated into your body paragraph/essay text, whether direct, paraphrase/summary, primary, or secondary.

Below is a default in-text citation sample, one mentioning the author name and one mentioning the character in question (useful for literary criticism/analysis). Both use a story we study in ENG 1002, ENG 1003, and ENG 2013 but with a fake page number:

The girl states, “will you please please please please please stop talking” (Hemingway 525).

Hemingway writes, “will you please please please please stop talking” (525).

And this is what you do if you’re using a database source that does not have page numbers.

The author writes, “that was the best scholarly evidence about Amelia Earhart’s disappearance I had ever read” (Smith).

Smith writes, “that was the best scholarly evidence about Amelia Earhart’s disappearance I had ever read.”

Accessing IVCC Library Databases from Home

When researching from a home for computer or one that is not using IVCC’s wifi while on campus, you’ll need to “log in” before you can access the library’s research databases. Here’s the process:

  1. pull up the IVCC library homepage
  2. click on the database in which you’d like to research
  3. it’ll redirect you to a log in screen, you’ll enter 24611 + your student number + 01, and then enter your last name.
  4. you will then have access to research
  5. log in again if your computer remains idle for a long period of time or you navigate away from the library page


Welcome to the Summer B Semester!

Hello all and welcome to those taking my online ENG 1002-102 course this semester!

A few of you are familiar with me and online classes at IVCC, but I’ve provided some information about navigating Blackboard, the learning management system you’ll use for the entirety of this course, in this message. The course shell will be available June 14 through August 10, 2017.

To get started with Blackboard (Bb):

  1. After you log into Blackboard, click on our ENG 1002-102-17SU–Lee course shell link from your Blackboard home page. 
  2. Click the “Syllabus & Calendar” link on the left-hand side of your Bb menu for the complete course syllabus and review my course policies and expectations. There you can also view the complete assignment calendar. I will communicate any necessary changes to either document via email announcement and post it to the “Syllabus & Calendar” link. I recommend printing/saving both documents for easy access. 
  3. Next, click the “Weekly Assignments” link where weekly assignments, PowerPoint files, and assignment links will be located throughout the semester. I have two test assignments in the “Online Orientation” folder for you to try. One is a Blackboard Discussion (BD) post and one is an example Journal Response. Feel free to click on that folder and complete those tasks; email/message with any questions or concerns about either example assignment. 
  4. And please note the “Resources” link on the left-hand side of your Bb menu where I will have available File Formatting, MLA Citation and documentation, writing/grammar, and IVCC campus services resources available throughout the semester. I will send a more detailed email announcement about file formatting closer to our first formal essay assignment, but what I have posted will give you an idea of the expectations. I also provided information about free IVCC-provided access to Office 365, another free, downloadable MS Word-like program and a free, downloadable anti-virus program in case you do not have access to such materials on your home/own computer. 
  5. I am still updating the assignment dates in the grade page, so if you are able to view assignments or any other materials in there this week, please disregard them until I have everything set by the end of next week. 
  6. I recommend favoriting/bookmarking/saving the homepage, a link to the IVCC student email login page, a link to the IVCC Blackboard login page on your computer/laptop for easy access and in the case that the IVCC homepage goes down–usually Blackboard and sometimes IVCC email will remain in operation in that case. 
  7. I also maintain a professional Prof Tracy Lee Facebook page @tlee329a and Twitter account @tlee329a account for class updates, reminders, general IVCC news, and a few random interest items. Students are free to message me via those accounts if student email inaccessible. And if you’d rather not mix academics with your personal social media accounts, you can follow the hashtag #lee1002 for class-specific posts instead.

I’m looking forward to an exciting semester and can’t wait to see your writing over the next 8 weeks. I wish you an enjoyable and educational online experience.

Email with any questions or concerns.