Last Week of the Summer Semester?!

This is it?! The final full week of the course. I’m actively correcting Poetry Essays so those grades should be submitted by the close of the day tomorrow, Monday, July 31. I should also have most all other grades submitted at that point as well to give you all the best idea of your running grade while your finish the last week.

I’ve included both this and next week’s assignment list so you can plan ahead best if you’re hoping to turn in your research essay by the extra credit deadline. Note about extra credit: I think it’s a worthy goal but two points isn’t going to save you from rushing to turn in an incomplete essay. Better to have all your citation in order than to turn it in before proofreading and get a letter grade lower (or more) as a result.

Week 8—July 31: Revision and Course Assessment

  • Drafting Update #3 due 11:59 PM Mon.
  • Research Essay Rough Draft uploaded to group page by 11:59 PM Tues.
  • DB Response #11: Works Cited Page share due 11:59 PM Tues.
  • Peer-Review comments posted to group page by 11:59 PM Thurs.
  • Peer-review reflection due noon Friday
  • Course Reflection and Assessment due 11:59 PM Sat.


  • Research Essay 2 points Extra Credit Early Deadline noon Monday
  • Research Essay Due 11:59 PM Tues., August 8

Also, grades are due the morning of Aug. 10 so you’ll know your “fate,” so to speak fairly quickly after the essays are due. However, please contact me now and/or ASAP if you’re wondering if I’ve made a mistake on a grade or something. It’s best to get any grade questions out of the way before I input grades to “WebAdvisor” so a grade change, which can be done, won’t slow any fall course prerequisite requirements or transfer eligibility, etc. As always, email with any questions or concerns.


Welcome to the Summer B Semester!

Hello all and welcome to those taking my online ENG 1002-102 course this semester!

A few of you are familiar with me and online classes at IVCC, but I’ve provided some information about navigating Blackboard, the learning management system you’ll use for the entirety of this course, in this message. The course shell will be available June 14 through August 10, 2017.

To get started with Blackboard (Bb):

  1. After you log into Blackboard, click on our ENG 1002-102-17SU–Lee course shell link from your Blackboard home page. 
  2. Click the “Syllabus & Calendar” link on the left-hand side of your Bb menu for the complete course syllabus and review my course policies and expectations. There you can also view the complete assignment calendar. I will communicate any necessary changes to either document via email announcement and post it to the “Syllabus & Calendar” link. I recommend printing/saving both documents for easy access. 
  3. Next, click the “Weekly Assignments” link where weekly assignments, PowerPoint files, and assignment links will be located throughout the semester. I have two test assignments in the “Online Orientation” folder for you to try. One is a Blackboard Discussion (BD) post and one is an example Journal Response. Feel free to click on that folder and complete those tasks; email/message with any questions or concerns about either example assignment. 
  4. And please note the “Resources” link on the left-hand side of your Bb menu where I will have available File Formatting, MLA Citation and documentation, writing/grammar, and IVCC campus services resources available throughout the semester. I will send a more detailed email announcement about file formatting closer to our first formal essay assignment, but what I have posted will give you an idea of the expectations. I also provided information about free IVCC-provided access to Office 365, another free, downloadable MS Word-like program and a free, downloadable anti-virus program in case you do not have access to such materials on your home/own computer. 
  5. I am still updating the assignment dates in the grade page, so if you are able to view assignments or any other materials in there this week, please disregard them until I have everything set by the end of next week. 
  6. I recommend favoriting/bookmarking/saving the homepage, a link to the IVCC student email login page, a link to the IVCC Blackboard login page on your computer/laptop for easy access and in the case that the IVCC homepage goes down–usually Blackboard and sometimes IVCC email will remain in operation in that case. 
  7. I also maintain a professional Prof Tracy Lee Facebook page @tlee329a and Twitter account @tlee329a account for class updates, reminders, general IVCC news, and a few random interest items. Students are free to message me via those accounts if student email inaccessible. And if you’d rather not mix academics with your personal social media accounts, you can follow the hashtag #lee1002 for class-specific posts instead.

I’m looking forward to an exciting semester and can’t wait to see your writing over the next 8 weeks. I wish you an enjoyable and educational online experience.

Email with any questions or concerns.

Fiction Essay Useful Resources

Hey #lee1002 and #leeonline, because I know it’s not always convenient to log into Blackboard, here a list of some useful resources you might be looking for while working on your Fiction Essay assignment.


Assignment Resources:

Writing Prompt and downloadable PDF Assignment Sheet:  In a third-person essay, use one of the assigned short stories as a primary source and one scholarly secondary source from a Gale database to answer one of the following prompts:

  1. Analyze what a character could represent/symbolize in society, using both primary and secondary source support.
  2. Argue against the interpretation of your secondary source, using primary source support to back up your claims.
  3. Use a character analysis to argue the author’s social meaning or central theme of the piece.

Planning Resources

Guided Freewrite Exercise
Primary versus Secondary Source explanation
How to Summarize a Short Story’s Plot

Citation Resources

IVCC Style Book Overview of MLA Style
Helpful Research Hints
MLA Citation Basics
Works Cited Page Information

Grading Resources

IVCC English Department Grading Standards
Grading Criteria Rubric for Writing Assignments

Library Links

Remember that you’ll need to log in if you’re not using a campus computer. When you reach the log in screen, you’ll enter 24611 + your student number + 01, and then enter your last name. The approved Gale links you should start with:

If you’re using a topic that is more social science than literature, try these two sites (sources must get special permission to be used):