Creative Writing

extra credit (4)

Creative Writing Workshop

What to expect: Designed to welcome writers with little or no experience as well as those interested in pursuing creative writing as a hobby or career, students will be introduced to creative writing elements/expectations and get the opportunity to write a number of formal and impromptu prose and poetry pieces. There are 5-6 prose assignments (handsdrawinghandsincluding a memoir, dialogue-heavy piece, an exploration of setting, and a focus on reader sympathy), and 6-7 poetry assignments (including an object poem, a childhood poem, a protest poem, and a photo poem). Students will end the semester with a “Monster” assignment that allows them to work in groups (simulating how creative teams at Disney/Pixar, DC/Marvel Comics, and network studios build and evolve character-arcs over time) to create a story involving a monster (either physical or symbolic). Monster groups will then present and discuss their stories during a Comic-Con-like forum during class. Students will use the textbooks and outside materials as examples, lessons, and inspiration of current trends and expectations in the creative writing world

Textbooks & Materials 

  • Making Shapely Fiction by Stern
  • The Poet’s Companion by Addonizio and Laux
  • a good dictionary and thesaurus (online is fine)
  • a willingness to improve what you think needs no improving and to ask “what will make my writing more successful”
  • a nice folder suitable for your Final Portfolio and a notebook for journal and impromptu assignments.

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