ENG 1001

ENG 1001: English Composition I

What to expect: Students will learn college-level expectations for essay structure, thesis development, MLA citation, and transitional elements of formal writing. There are 4-5 formal essay assignments in different rhetorical forms that include personal narrative, argumentation, causal analysis, and definition; the semester culminates in a source-based Career Exploration essay. Throughout the course, students will read and discuss essays, articles, opinion pieces, TED Talk videos and podcasts from numerous print and online sources such as The Guardian, The Atlantic, Slate, Washington Post, or the How Stuff Works network, using such sources as the focus of most formal and informal writing assignments. Students will also receive an intro to research section to prepare them for ENG 1002 research expectations. Here’s a link to my grading expectations page, and while it’s geared toward the online class, the rubrics are alike between the two course options.

Fall 2018 Semester Course

ENG 1001-09/200, on campus
ENG 1001-599/799, online

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ENG 1001-09/200 Course Syllabus.

ENG 1001-599/799 Course Syllabus.