ENG 1002


What to expect: Students will learn how to apply ENG 1001 essay writing and MLA citation skills to respond to literary pieces of fiction and poetry. There are 2 formal essays that each discuss fiction and poetry, and there is one larger research paper on a topic of their choice. Throughout the course, students will read and discuss fiction and poetry from the textbook, using pieces of their choice as the focus of most formal and informal writing assignments. Student will also view a number of web and visual sources to better define types and elements of literature.

Required Textbook & Materials

  • Literature and the Writing Process, MLA updates, edited by Elizabeth McMann et al., 11th ed., Pearson, 2014.
  • IVCC Stylebook (print or electronic)
  • reliable access to a computer with Internet connection

Social media #lee1002 for on-campus and #leeonline for online coures
Ongoing ENG 1002 Plagiarism Survey

Course Documents

ENG 1002-06 Course Syllabus

Useful Resource Links

Use the tag ENG 1002 or the MLA Resources category tag to search the site for course specific content or posts. For the next few semesters, students will write the following essay assignments, click the link to view related resources for each assignments: Fiction Essay, Poetry Essay, Research Essay. And here is a link to grading rubrics specific to my online course.