MLA Style Document Formatting

A collection of often-used MLA Style resources for both ENG 1001 and ENG 1002 source-based essays required to use citation and documentation. This information is also located in the Resources link of our Blackboard shell, I will answer any questions about formatting during class or office hours, and the Student Help Desk or Writing Center are happy to help student format documents with proper MLA or APA expectation.

Essay Formatting

To format a document in MS WORD:

FIRST, FIRST, FIRST select “no spacing” at the top right side of the screen:

  • It’s a white box near the “paragraph” menu. If you don’t select this, you’ll have “weird” paragraph spacing and will never ever ever be able to fix it unless you select “no spacing” half way through typing your essay, which will then remove all your formatting so you’ll have to start over. Not the end of the world, but a bit deflating or, at the very least, annoying.
Select Times New Roman, 12 point Font: 
  • select the “home” tab of your Word document–the top left
  • in the “font” box on the left side, click on the words “Calibri (Body)” and either type in Times New Roman, or select it from the drop down menu
  • type 12 into the number box (I believe 12 is default on IVCC computers, but it might be 11)
  • you’re done with font!
Double-space (you’ve got options):
Option 1:
  • select the “home” tab of your Word document–the top left
  • at the bottom right of the “paragraph” box, click on the tiny little square/arrow icon
  • choose “double” in the “spacing” section of the menu box that appears

Option 2:

  •  in the “home” tab, in the middle-right of the “paragraph” box, click icon with blue arrows going up and down
  • select 2.0 from the drop down menu

Option 3:

  • right click within the white portion of your document and select “paragraph” from the menu that appears
  • choose “double” in the “spacing” section of the menu box that appears

Margins:  IVCC computers have default 1 inch margins on their documents, and I’m pretty sure MS WORD always defaults to 1 inch margins.

  • if you want to double-check: select the “page layout” tab of your Word document–top, next to “insert” tab
  • there is a default 1 inch margin option to choose from
  • OR you can select “custom” and type in 1 inch in the top, bottom, right, and left windows.

How to add a header and heading:


  • appears on the top left of the first page of your ESSAY
  • includes your first and last name, the class, your instructor’s name, the assignment name, and the date (month, date, year order)
  • double-spaced in the upper left-hand side of your document
  • only on the first page
  • here is an example document: Example Header and Heading


  • appears in the upper right-side of your essay–on all pages, including the first page and the Work Cited page
  • includes your last name and the page number of your document

MS Word Header directions:

  1. select the “insert” tab of your Word document–at the top left
  2. hover over the “page number” square (it “feels like” you should select “header” since that is what you’re trying to insert, but then you won’t have a page number)
  3. from the drop-down menu, select the option that shows the number in the top, right side of the document
  4. type in your last name, hit the space bar
  5. double-click below the blue dotted line
  6. you’re done with the header! but if you need to edit the header, double-click on it and it’ll “allow” you to change it. Then double-click below the blue dotted line again to “get back to your document”

OpenOffice Header directions:

  1. go to “insert” and choose “header”
  2. type your last name in the header and while still in the header
  3. go to “insert” and choose “fields” and then choose “page number”