Direct Citation & Citation Sandwich Example

This can be used as an example for the ENG 1001  or ENG 1002 source-based essays.

Topic sentence of body paragraph. 1-3 sentences that set-up or build the paragraph’s claim. Slate Magazine makes the claim “The great drawback to becoming a celebrated voice of a generation is that it encourages writers to believe that whatever idle thoughts drift through their minds … are automatically of interest (Smith, Jones, and Pond). While those in previous generations were taught that children should be seen, not heard, the up and coming Generation X has generally been encouraged for individual opinions.

Things to note about this example:

  1. The parenthetical documentation formatting of this source tells readers this article includes an author name (and the page number of the citation, when known–often this is not known on Internet source). On the Works Cited page, this entry would begin with the last name of the first author mentioned.
  2. The use of the introductory signal phrase as well as the continued reference back to the source while including additional information helps show readers when the paraphrase begins and where it ends as well as what source provided the info/idea.
  3. The explanation or context provided by you the student is nearly as long as the paraphrase citation, making your voice be just as strong (or stronger) than the voice of the citation. 

And here’s a link to transitional language post if you’re looking for ways to provide more transition within and between your paragraphs.


Argumentation Essay

A list of the most useful Argumentation essay resources. And please note that this and the previous essay are worth more than the first two in the semester.

Assignment Resources:

Writing Prompt Option 1: Support a claim that answers whether social media is good or bad for our society.
Argument Expectations: You will choose the good side or the bad side, include one opposing viewpoint (refutation). Your essay will be a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 4 full pages.
Support: You will rely on 1-2 reputable Internet sources or personal interview to formulate your claim. Include a direct quote in each body paragraph.
Thesis is required to reference:

  • your main good or bad reasons
  • your opposing viewpoint (refutation)
Writing Prompt Option 2: Expose and argue the positive traits of a taboo or counterculture.
Argument Expectations: You will choose a counterculture or taboo, include one common negative perception (refutation). Your essay should be in third-person (allowing for plural first-person) and a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 4 full pages.
Support: You will rely on 1-2 reputable Internet sources or personal interview to formulate your claim. Include a direct quote in each body paragraph.
Thesis is required to reference:

  • 3-4 positive traits
  • common negative perception (refutation)

And don’t forget the expectations PowerPoint, the authoritative language PowerPoint, or that we discussed introduction and conclusion paragraph expectations in a PowerPoint a couple of essays ago. Be sure to check that you’ve included an opposing viewpoint paragraph; you’ll also want to verify that your introduction paragraphs for both parts:

PART 1: grounding/introductory information
PART 2: transition + thesis sentence.

Same with your conclusions:

PART 1: remind readers of your thesis points (body paragraph main points)
PART 2: show how those thesis points work together to prove your thesis.

SPRING 2017 Deadline

  • Rough Draft due Friday, April 28
  • Final Draft due Monday, May 1 (typed/printed & uploaded)

Works Cited Page Resources

Building a Works Cited page
Sample Works Cited page
NoodleTools login link is located on the IVCC Library under “Citing Sources” page

Grammar and Writing Resources

Parallel Sentence Structure
Verbs for References Sources
Pronoun Reference and Clarity
Absolute “Conclusion” Language
General Grammar Resource

Comma Resource: Sentence Punctuation Patterns
Quick Comma Guide
General Punctuation Resource
Transitional Words and Phrases
Thesaurus for word choice variety

Related Textbook chapters:

  • “Arguments,” pg. 43-47
  • “Words for Building Common Ground,” pg. 314-316

Grading Resources & Expectations

IVCC English Department Grading Standards
Grading Criteria Rubric for Writing Assignments

ENG 0900: resources for using sources

Here’s a list of useful resources while you plan and finalize the sources you want to use in your Argumentation essay.

Our library research guide that explain finding reputable Internet sources.

The WWWs_PowerPoint the librarian used during our first library session as well as a printable PDF version of the information.

And here is the WWW_Checklist we used to check the reputability of Internet sources.