Works Cited Page for Research

This includes information for the Research Essay assignment in my ENG 1002 class, but can also serve as an example for my LIT 2013 class. First off, here’s the main page about “Creating Works Cited Entries” link from IVCC’s Stylebook, and here’s a sample Works Cited page. Note the hanging tab (that extra indented white space before the extra lines of each entry) and how all the entries are alphabetized. Here’s how to format a hanging tab.

Research Works Cited Page

Students are required to include 3-5 library database articles/sources, 2-4 reputable Internet sources, a there’s a list in the Blackboard resources folder but common ones include Slate Magazine, The Atlantic, The Guardian),  and up to 5 additional sources as needed.

The below examples DO NOT include hanging tab formatting (that’s a nightmare for a blog) and are categorized as library database, reputable Internet, and additional common types

Library Database Source:

Granger, Hermione. “Evil Stops With Good.” Magical Wisdom Medical Associationvol. 5 issue 6, 2009. pp. 882-98. Academic Search Complete, url. Accessed 22 Jan. 2017

Scully, William. “Grandson of CSM and Son of Spooky.” Issues & Controversies, 1999, url. Accessed 22 Jan. 2017

Reputable Internet Source:

Jasmine, Princess. “Because He Freed the Genie.” Slate Magazine, date last updated, url.

Of-the-Southern-Isles, Hans. “My Frozen Heart.” Poetry Foundation, date last updated, url.

Primary Source from textbook:

Pond, Amy. “Traveling Through the Multiverse.” Literature and the Writing Process, edited by Elizabeth McMann et al., 10th edition, Pearson, 2015. pp. xxx-xx.

Content from textbook’s cultural context:

McMann, Elizabeth et al., eds. Literature and the Writing Process, 10th edition, Pearson, 2015. pp. xxx-xx

Online ENG 1002 Final Grades

THANK YOU ALL for a great online semester (and for some of you, a great academic year). Even if we never got to meet in person, I enjoyed seeing your writing and analysis skills progress over the last few months. I hope to see you around campus in the fall, or next year, depending on your graduation schedule, please look me up and introduce yourself!!

Otherwise, I wish you all a great summer and a future filled with accomplishment. Here’s what to expect as far as grades and “official” final grades:

  1. I’ll be grading research papers through tomorrow afternoon, posting those and final grades as I go. You will also see that I’ve added a Blackboard grade column called FINAL GRADE. Once I finish correcting your research paper, I will put in the FINAL GRADE that will reflect the grade I will give you in the course.
  2. All FINAL GRADES should be posted to Blackboard by the close of day tomorrow, May 13. Email me if you have any questions or concerns.
  3. Remember, IVCC only has A, B, C, D, and F as final grades, so you will receive an A in the course for any “RUNNING GRADE” of an A or percentage from 90-100; you will receive a B in the course for any “RUNNING GRADE” of a B or percentage from 80-89 and so on. I will officially give you a letter, not a percentage.
  4. If you have any questions or concerns about grades, please notify me on or before noon, Monday, May 15, so I have time to make any necessary changes before officially posting grades to WebAdvisor. If you contact me with grade concerns or mistakes after May 15th, I will still be able to change a grade “in the system” (assuming the concern is valid and not too late after the end of the semester) but it will take some time, which occasionally slows transfers to 4-year institutions or enrollment in summer/fall/future classes.
  5. I plan to officially post grades the early morning of Tuesday, May 16.
  6. Here’s how you can view your final grades for this and previous/future IVCC classes by logging into WebAdvisor.


2017 Final Exam Schedule

Here’s a list of all my final exam times and locations for the 2017 Spring semester. I also have these posted in the “Syllabus and Calendar” link on each course’s Blackboard shell. And in case you’re interested, here’s IVCC’s full exam schedule page.

Class Day & Time – Course Name  – Exam Day Time/Location

MWF 8:00 AM – ENG 0900 – Wed. May 10 regular time/place

MWF 9:00 AM – ENG 0900 – Mon. May 8, regular time/place

TR 8:00 AM – ENG 1002 – Thurs. May 11 regular time/place

TR 11:00 AM – Creative Writing – 11:00-1:30 p.m., Tues. May 9, Fireplace Lounge (B216)

Online – ENG 1002-590 Online – Research Essay due Wed. May 10 by 11:59 p.m.

Transitional Language

Transitions and students don’t often get along well. And that’s because transitioning from paragraph to paragraph, from signal phrase to source/citation, or from one concept to the next is a bit of an art form that takes practice and planning. You just heard “blah blah blah” in your head, right? I know…

Here are a few transitional language resources that could help:

  1. My favorite link to transitional words or phrases.
  2. Another more complex list of transitional words broken up by category such as additive, causal, sequential, or contrasting.
  3. A thesaurus list of commonly used verbs to reference sources that can be used to transition between a signal phrase and a direct or paraphrase/summary citation. The dark orange list is the best.
  4. A one page, printable PDF of verbs used in MLA or APA signal phrases.

Research Essay Grade

In my ENG 1002 course, the Research Paper essay is worth 40% of your final grade. However, please note this important point from my syllabus policy:

The college requires that students who earn a failing grade on the Research Paper in ENG 1002: English Composition II cannot earn a final grade of C or higher in the class. If you receive a D or F on your Research Paper, you will be required to receive the final grade of a D or F in the course regardless of your earned running grade.

If you find yourself struggling with your research essay at any point during your writing process, please notify me so we can work together to improve your process, get you in contact with  useful IVCC  resources, or prepare a plan for an Incomplete in the course.

ENG 1002 Online Library Session

On April 17 we will have an electronic library research session using Zoom, a Skype/Face Time-like program that will allow you and the IVCC librarian to video conference via as a class. This session will offer you resources, research techniques, and general advice about college-level research expectations and IVCC’s library database options.

The session will take place online via Zoom webcam conference on Monday, April 17 from 9:55-10:40 AM. Most students in this class are enrolled through LaMoille; if you are not and this time will not work for you, please contact me and I’ll email you a link that you can view retroactively.

This is the first semester my online ENG 1002 will offer a session like this, so I’m trying to think ahead and get you guys ready well beforehand. Please do the following by Wed., April 12 so we can give the library team time to re-think or re-organize things if this initial plan doesn’t work.

  1. Set-up zoom on your school laptop via this link or speak with your English instructor about getting it added to a school computer. Email or message me ASAP if this doesn’t appear to be an option.
  2. Create a Noodle Tools account via this link–use the left-hand side sign-up NOT THE Google one since IVCC does not subcribe via Google. If you are prompted, please use ivcc as the school/library name and ivcclib as as the school/library password.
  3. On April 17, please be logged in and ready with Zoom by 9:50 AM; the session will begin promptly at 9:55 AM.

Cross your fingers and email/message me by Wed., April 12 with problems, questions, or concerns; if by Thursday this week I’ve heard from no-one, I’ll assume things are going well.